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2/6/2014 - Friday.


Award for our Vita Pita Flatbread 250g

A total of 3x silver for 3 products.


We have just found out that at this year's award ceremony we won the silver award from the LG German Agricultural Society) received.


We would like to thank our bakers and our customers

and hope for continued good cooperation. 


Your sultan team!

Open buffet at Goethestrasse 40

from 06/17/2015 - 07/17/2015


Every evening during the entire fasting period of Ramadan we have prepared an open buffet for you.

Enjoy with us from a huge selection:

You have the choice of 2 types of soup, cold starters, salad, 5 main courses, dessert, plus water and tea.

München, 01.09.2012


Ab sofort liefern wir frisches Baklava direkt vor Ihre Haustüre!


- Versandkostenfrei innerhalb Deutschland.

- Garantierte frische, da sofort nach Bestellungseingang Produktion und anschließend tiefgefroren und mit einer speziell frischhaltenden Verpackung verpackt und vakuumiert.

- Große Auswahl an verschiedenen Sorten.

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