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Our Services

Catering and party service in and around Munich.

Are you planning an event? About ourFormyou can request a suitable offer without obligation. We will contact you immediately. You are also welcome to call us directly to request more information.

Frozen trade directly from the manufacturer.

We develop, produce and obtain from and with our business partner frozen baked goods, fine and non-food for all industries.
With more than 300 different baked goods, our partner in Germany offers a very large range of frozen baked goods. From pretzels, baguettes, bread, rolls and snacks to sweet Danish pastries and fat pastries, to cakes, tarts and regional as well as international and Mediterranean specialties, the company covers the needs of customers in many ways.

Our catalog for Mediterranean specialties is available on request as PDF file. 


From a certain purchase quantity, we also offer you a delivery service. Please

contact our hotline in this regard.

We also bake larger quantities for private customers when ordering!​

Do you have an event such as a wedding, engagement, party, or do you want to surprise your work colleagues?


unbinding request 



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